Genre(s): Strategy/RTS (Real Time Strategy),
Casual/Arcade & Pinball

Metacritic Rating: 72 (out of 100)

Price: Free

Link(s): http://games.newsnupdates.com/downloads/dyson-v1-20-free-game/



Dyson (known as the updated commercial release “Eufloria”) is a free real-time strategy game developed by indie developers Alex May, Rudolf Kremers and Brian Grainger. It was named after the Dyson tree hypothesis by Freeman Dyson that a tree-like plant could grow on a comet.

It is set in a futuristic space environment, where you assume the role of the commander and builder of robotic plants and trees. The player receives orders from a mothertree. Players battle other empires and seek to discover the origin of a mysterious grey menace, to speed up the return of the mythical growers.

At the start of the game, the player has one tree on an asteroid which has a number of branches, and leaves which fall off and become seedlings, which can be used to either create trees or fight other seedlings. Each tree is unique, the growth of its branches based off a fractal algorithm.

To create trees, 10 seedlings are needed in orbit of an asteroid, which then plummet into the ground to grow grass and the trees’ roots. A plant may also be grown that attacks invading enemy seedlings by releasing explosive fruit, called a defense tree. Over time, the plant’s health, damage, and spawn rate increases. The player can also customize their asteroids with addons called ‘flowers’.

If a dyson tree has a flower added, dysons with a vastly enhanced firerate and range are produced. If a defence tree has a flower added, lasermines are produced. They are powerful seedlings which can take on multiple enemies with multiple lasers, and a suicidal explosion.

The seedlings can attack enemy asteroids, and take them over by burrowing through the roots to the core, and sapping the energy of the asteroid.

All levels are randomly generated, meaning each playthrough is slightly different. Also, each asteroid is unique in size and values, and produces seedlings with different stats. There are three stats. Speed enhances the moverate of seedlings, strength enhances the damage of seedlings, and energy increases the speed at which seedlings can convert enemy asteroids. The stats also affect the appearance of the seedlings.

Eufloria has been described as a simple but charming game with calming music, graphics and gameplay.

Publisher: Valve Corporation (Steam)

Developer: Alex May, Rudolf Kremers, Brian Grainger

Release Date: Novemeber 30, 2009

Players: Single-player

ERSB: E (Everyone)

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