Command & Conquer: Red Alert

Genre(s): Strategy/RTS

Metacritic Rating: 90 (out of 100)

Price: FREE

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Surrender is not an option. Dark experiments have permanently altered time. Or have they? Now, Soviet tanks crush city after city while Allied cruisers shell bases. Spies lurk, land mines wait, and strange new technologies aid both sides in their struggle for ultimate control.Command & Conquer: Red Alert gives you the opportunity to be more devious, cunning and ruthless than ever before. Easy to play and highly addictive, Red Alert puts the fate of the world in your hands! [Westwood]

Command & Conquer: Red Alert is one of the PC’s classic real-time strategy games. It imposes a fun, politically charged story with a dab of humor into a well designed real-time strategy environment. Will you fight for the Allied or Soviet side? Make your choice and begin your campaign against the enemy.

Publisher: Virgin Interactive

Developer: Westwood Studios

Release Date: October 31, 1996

Players: Single player, Multiplayer

ERSB: T (Teen)

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