Card Hunter

Genre(s): Casual/Card,
RPG/Single-Player RPG

Metacritic Rating: 72 (out of 100)

Price: Free-to-Play


Card Hunter is a free-to-play digital table-top card game. It’s a browser-based Flash game that combines elements of a collectible card game with a table-top board game. The game is considered to combine the collectable card aspects of Magic the Gathering with the role-player concepts of Dungeons & Dragons.

It’s an innovative new take on strategy gaming that lets its developers flex their turn-based gaming muscles in a way that they never could have as part of a bigger outfit.

Publisher: Blue Manchu

Developer: Blue Manchu

Release Date: September 12, 2013

Players: Single Player, Player vs Player mode

ERSB: T for “Teen”

Sample Gameplay Video(s):

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