Genre(s): Adventure/Text-Based
RPG/Single Player RPG

3rd Party Rating: None found.

Price: Free


A Brogue wiki to get started can be found here:

Brogue is a FREE Roguelike game. It is a direct descendant of Rogue, unlike other popular modern roguelikes, and it favors simplicity over complexity, while trying to ensure that the interactions between components will be interesting and varied. Roguelikes are generally RPGs in which the levels and encounters are randomized every time you play. Most of them are a mess of hotkeys and esoteric stats, but Brogue is simple. It uses the same ASCII-based graphics as Rogue itself, but it’s easy to play and fun in a few minutes.

In the game, you are the @ symbol. Move around the dungeon with the mouse, the vi-keys (hjklyubn) or keypad keys. The arrow keys will also work, but they do not allow diagonal movement. Your goal is to travel to the 26th subterranean floor of the dungeon, retrieve the Amulet of Yendor and return with it to the surface. For the truly skillful who desire further challenge, depths below 26 contain three lumenstones each – items which confer no benefit except an increased score upon victory.

Brogue can be played on Mac OS X, Windows, or Linux, and it is possible to control it entirely with the keyboard or entirely with the mouse. It will likely be appealing to both beginners and hardcore fans of the genre.

Publisher: Brian Walker

Developer: Brian Walker

Release Date: Unknown

Players: Single player


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