Happy One Year Birthday to Cheapskate Gamer!

Just one year ago today we finished setting up Cheapskategamer.com and created our first official post declaring to the world our dream of being the very best, one-stop, complete listing site for completely FREE and SUPER-CHEAP AAA PC Games. One year later we’re still at it with no end in sight. We’re excited to continue building our archive for viewers like you to use.

Since our first post on December 30th 2010, we’ve posted 86 times with at least 12 new games in the hopper for 2012, we added a freelance game review videographer (Chris Saldaña), had one product review (arcadeguns.com) with video supplemental, advertising interest from various parties and nearly daily site registration entries from new readers.

2012 will undoubtedly be an even better year for us. Stick around.

Now that we have one year under our belt, we’d like to hear from you on how we can be a better service. How are we doing? Any suggestions? What do you like most about our site? How can we be better? What game(s) would you like us to review and list next? What is your favorite game listed on our site?

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