GOG.com giving away games during “Big Winter Finale”

There are a lot great sales going on right now online but we wanted to highlight one in particular that just kicked off today. Good Old Game’s (gog.com) “Big Winter Finale”.

Right now Giants: Citizen Kabuto is being offered for FREE!! A new game will be offered for free on Monday, December 14th. Sounds like a new free game everyday until Christmas? A great enticement to keep checking back with the sale.

Otherwise, gog.com is offering great deals on many of there game library. 500+ games are on sale up to 90% off. Mystery games for $3.

Giants: Citizen Kabuto is a third-person shooter video game with real-time strategy elements. Players take control of a single character from one of three humanoid races to complete the story or to challenge other players in online multiplayer matches. They can select heavily armed Meccaryns equipped with jet packs, or amphibious spellcasting Sea Reapers. The game’s subtitle “Citizen Kabuto” refers to the last selectable race, a thundering behemoth who can execute earthshaking professional wrestling attacks to pulverize its enemies. The single-player mode is framed as a sequential story, putting the player through a series of missions, several of which test the player’s reflexes in action game-like puzzles.

Link: http://www.gog.com/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=game_subject&utm_campaign=dk_giveaway


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