Bloody Good Time a fun “game of tag” only $5

There’s a wacky new multiplayer FPS on the market worth ten times the $5 asking price called “Boody Good Time” from Ubisoft. This gem of a game is certainly a Cheapskate Gamer find and recently received a score of 88 (out of 100) along with their “Editor’s Choice” award from PC Gamer magazine. February 2011 issue; page 73.

8 different crazy characters populate this hunter-prey style game with unique weapons (21 total) and traps. It’s even possible to kill your opponent by flushing them down the toilet. Other traps include collapsing floors, elevators that fill with gas, and pools that overheat to boil victims.

This game sports several unique modes of play:
Hunt: hunt down and kill your quarry, but look out for the unknown hunter that is stalking you.

Revenge: Each murder earns you a new quarry, but adds to the list of players out for violent revenge.

Elimination: murder your way through the cast one quarry at a time to be crowned the last man standing.


Deathmatch: Just want you’d expect.

It’s a crazy, ridiculous and hilarious assassination game for those in a party mood. Available on Steam now for only $5.

More information on this game can be found on the official site:

A sample gameplay video:

Give it a go and let us know your thoughts by posting a comment below..

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