Siamese Enemies

Genre(s): Casual/Puzzle

Rating: No third party ratings found.

Price: Free



Siamese Enemies is one crazy game.

Your mother just wants one baby. You and your siamese brother therefore must go to the hospital and separate your bodies. On your way to the hospital you will find yellow boxes which contain organs you can collect.

During the operation portion of the game each player will have access to the organs they have collected. You can steal your siamese brother’s collected organs during the operation but it’s easier to have collected them yourself to begin with (it takes time to steal your opponents organs).

The organs you surgically implant will give you various powers when racing back home to your mother.

First home wins!

Publisher: Krimelo

Developer: Krimelo

Release Date: October 11, 2010

Players: Two Players Only


Sample Gameplay Video:

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