Pink! Pink! Bento Machine

Genre(s): Casual/Puzzle,

Metacritic Rating: 72 (out of 100)

3rd Party Rating: None found.

Price: Free


Pink! Pink! Bento Machine is a FREE Bejeweled puzzle clone with a Sushi theme. It’s a simple game that doesn’t take itself too seriously as it executes a pseudo-endless mode of Bejeweled.

There is a time limit which can be extended by clearing one match of each type. If you run out of moves while the timer is still running, you get a fresh set of tiles. Once time is up, you can keep playing until you run out of moves.

Publisher: J. Kyle Pittman

Developer: J. Kyle Pittman

Release Date: August 8, 2012

Players: Single Player

ERSB: N/A, but likely “E” for everyone.

Sample Gameplay Screenshot:

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