Genre(s): Casual/Puzzle

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Price: Free



Pathological is a FREE puzzle game consisting of marbles that roll along paths, and interact along the way with various devices and gadgets. To solve a level, fill each wheel with four marbles of matching color. Various board elements such as teleporters, switches, filters, etc., make the game interesting and challenging. New levels can be created using your favorite text editor.

The object of each level is to “complete” all of the wheels on the board. To complete a wheel, catch four marbles of matching color in the same wheel. The marbles will vanish, and the wheel will turn dark to indicate that it has been completed. Note that this is only the usual way of completing a wheel. The exceptional cases involve triggers and stoplights.

To rotate a wheel, click the right mouse button on the wheel. To eject a marble from a wheel, click the left mouse button on the marble.

When the game begins, you are assigned a total of three lives. Your spare lives are depicted by small red marbles at the top of the screen. An extra life is awarded every 5000 points. A maximum of ten spare lives is enforced.

The board timer is the maximum amount of time allowed to complete a level. It is depicted as a digital countdown at the top of the screen. If the countdown reaches zero, the level ends and you lose a life. If you complete the level within the available time, a bonus is awarded based on the percentage of time remaining.

The launch timer, depicted as a blue bar on the left-hand side of the screen, represents the maximum amount of time that a newly launched marble can remain in the launch area at the top of the board. Each time a marble is launched, the launch timer is reset to its full value. If the launch timer expires, the level ends and you lose a life.

The length of the launch timer is displayed numerically at the bottom of the blue bar. The number represents the number of passes that a newly launched marble can make before the timer expires. The value is different on different levels.

Each level has a maximum number of marbles that are allowed to be in motion at a time. As long as the maximum number of marbles are in motion, you can not eject any more marbles from wheels.

The number of currently active marbles, and the active marble limit are shown numerically at the left edge of the launch area at the top of the board.

Publisher: John-Paul Gignac

Developer: John-Paul Gignac, Carrie Bloomfield, Mike Brenneman, T. Francis Chen, Kim Gignac, Matthias Le Bidan, Steve Mills, Paul Preney, Paul Prescod, Alesh Slovak, Peter Tkacz, Dale Wick

Release Date: 2003

Players: Single Player


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