The Prisoner/The Prisoner 2

Genre(s): Adventure/Text-Based

Review Statement: The Prisoner was very popular among the gaming press. Peelings II magazine (early 80’s) awarded the game an A+, its highest rating, and noted that if only the game had featured high-resolution graphics, it would have been a candidate for its Game of the Year Award. According to Softalk, “What puts this game head and shoulders above other adventures is that while the player is seeking the information needed to escape from the Island, the computer is actively seeking the information that will make the player lose the game. The dual challenges of learning about the Island while avoiding the subtle and not-so-subtle traps laid by the computer make the game both interesting and exciting”. The Prisoner was also popular among gamers, who voted it the third most popular adventure game of 1981 in the annual Softalk reader poll., while Prisoner 2 was voted the fourth most popular fantasy game in the 1982 poll.

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The Prisoner is a text-based adventure game inspired by the cult classic British television show by the same name (1967) , about a former spy who is abducted and sent to a resort-themed “prison” where his captors attempt to get him to reveal why he resigned from his classified job by revealing a special 3-digit code. The game takes place on “The Island,” where the player travels from building to building, each hosting a metaphorical quest in which the player’s creative thinking skills are tested. Players demonstrating individual thinking eventually gain access to the Island’s “Caretaker,” and their ensuing conversation (using a language parser) can lead to the player’s freedom.

The Prisoner 2 is a high-resolution graphics remake (1982) of the original game.

Publisher: Edu-Ware/Edu-Ware

Developer: David Mullich/Edu-Ware

Release Date: 1980/1982

Players: Single player


Sample Gameplay Screenshots:


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