Genre(s): Simulation/Life,
Adventure/Action Adventure

3rd Party Rating: None found.

Price: Free


Sometimes games imitate life. Sometimes games can be art. Passage is both. As such, this FREE indie “game” defies categorization. Is it really even a game? If we, at Cheapskate gamer had a category called “Game Art” or “Game Performance Art”, this game would fall into that category. As it is, we’ve placed it in three categories to cover our bases, the best being “Simulation/Life”.

Apparently others agree with the idea that ‘this’ game is art. The MoMA in New York City included Passage in a video game design/art exhibit (March 2013).

This short game may not be for everyone, but you owe it to yourself to try it at least once. This art game’s many unusual features, from its prosaic storyline to its weird aspect ratio (the game runs at 100 by 16 pixels) made indie developer Jason Rohrer famous—and justifiably so.

What’s the game about? It’s a presentation about life. The game lasts exactly five minutes, and focuses on life, mortality and the costs and benefits of marriage. I won’t say more. However if you don’t mind spoiling the experience for yourself or just want to find out what the developer was trying to do, read this statement.

Publisher: Jason Rohrer

Developer: Jason Rohrer

Release Date: 2007

Players: Single Player


Sample Gameplay Video. (Entire Game. Spoilers!!):

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