Paradis Perdus (Lost Paradises)

Genre(s): Adventure/Action Adventure

3rd Party Rating: None found.

Price: Free


Paradis Perdus is a FREE game about not belonging. You are the bad guy. You kill everything you touch. The world you are in is beautiful and green, but the moment you get into it, you start infecting everything, and the world starts decaying, until it eventually ceases to exist. If you choose to exit the world, it will heal itself, but then you’re not there to enjoy it. What to do?

At first look Paradis Perdus is another ambient exploration game where you plod around a gorgeously abstract world while cheerful music plays in the background. Except beauty is fleeting in Paradis Perdus, because you destroy everything you touch.

As you walk, the path you travel starts to decay. The music warps and glitches as the green grass rots into a dark red. Eventually it collapses entirely, leaving a hole in the world that you can fall through.

That’s a problem, because your job is to find three crystals scattered around. Unless you’re careful about the route you take, you can easily trap yourself, unable to double back while the world disappears around you.

Publisher: Sergey Mohov

Developer: Sergey Mohov, Fabian Bodet and Matthieu Bonneau

Release Date: November 19, 2009

Players: Single Player


Sample Gameplay Video(s):

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