Out of Order

Genre(s): Adventure/Point and Click

3rd Party Rating: None found.

Price: Free

Link(s): http://www.acid-play.com/download/out-order


Out of Order is a FREE point and click adventure that puts you through an extraordinary day in the ordinary life of Hurford Schlitzing.

Hurford Schlitzting cannot sleep through a storm one night and finds out he has been kidnapped in his own bedroom. He meets grumpy aliens with strange requests, is brainwashed by hypnotic music, hacks computers running Lookout Express, tries to overthrow the dictatorial reign of The Panel and has philosophical conversations with Random Access Memory. Something is definitely out of order.

In this humorous freeware 2D point and click adventure, which took three years to develop, you guide Hurford in his sleeping gown through about thirty hand-drawn rooms, with ingenious puzzles and a wacky storyline, as you try to find out how you ended up in a parallel world. Developer Tim Furnish made this game in his own scripting language SLUDGE, with 16-bit high resolution graphics. A complete music score and fitting sound effects have been included as well.

It starts, as so many games before it, with a storm, but do not be fooled tis no ordinary storm. You, as Hurford, find that the storm has transported you to alien like world.

Your quest (it is customary for adventure games to have a quest) is to escape from this world. On your way you solve puzzles, talk to strange aliens, humans and robots and in general discover why you where chosen to be in the world you now find yourself.

The puzzles are at times really difficult, make sure you don’t miss a thing look, touch and talk to everyone and everything.

The game has two major strong points being its graphics (not bad for it’s time) and it’s humor, both are especially good, even on a commercial game scale. The story, in my opinion, falls a little flat towards the end. It seems rushed almost as if it was written in exam conditions (you know when you have to write the end to your story in the last 5 minutes before pens-down) but don’t get me wrong! The other 95% of the storyline is great and it is definitely number 3 on its list of strong points. Out of Order is about 12 hours of perfectly bug-free game play.

Publisher: Hungry Software

Developer: Hungry Software, Time Furnish

Release Date: 2003

Players: Single Player


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