Genre(s): Adventure/Point and Click,

Game Faqs Rating: 92 (out of 10)

Price: Free


Masq is a FREE soap-opera adventure game where your choose your path in a 2D cartoon drawn story.

In Masq, you can choose your own adult adventure. The game features five episodes that let you interact with characters using a variety of pre-written responses.

When you complete a playthrough, you get half a dozen images showing other scenes you might have missed. In the 15 minutes it took you to read an ending, you attempted to keep you fashion design company solvent, solve your best friend’s murder, and resolve some tension with your wife. You probably failed at all of those. But then, in amoung those frames at the end, is a shot of you tossing a frisbee for a young kid on a beach. A kid? You didn’t even meet a kid. Why are you playing with him, and how di you get to that beach? You go back and try again and again, each time stumbling down new branches of Masq’s seedy, soap opera world.

Publisher: Alteraction

Developer: Alteraction

Release Date: 2002

Players: Single Player

ERSB: N/A. Likely “M” for mature.

Sample Gameplay Screenshot:

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