Digital: a Love Story

Genre(s): Adventure/Text-based,

3rd Party Rating: None found.

Price: Free


Digital: a Love Story is a FREE text-based “adventure” noted as one of the best indie games of 2010. A computer mystery/romance set five minutes into the future of 1988 and an otherwise tough game to describe. When you open up Digital: a Love Story for the first time you’ll be confronted with what looks like an old PC interface from the 1980s asking you to sign on to a local BBS. What looks like a simple exercise in nostalgia, however, soon blossoms into an addictive interactive story of love, conspiracy, and old-school hacking.

Digital: a Love Story a visual novel set in 1988. The player acts as the protagonist who receives a first computer, the Amie Workbench, and the game is played entirely through its retro interface. Along with the setup instructions a dialer is provided, complete with the authentic dialing sound, which provides a trip to the past and opens up to a world of BBSes, filled with hackers, rambling trekkies and girl called Emilia who posts poetry. Starting from a local BBS the player quickly gains the knowledge to exploit long distance calls, hack into protected environments and download updates and programs to expand the computer’s capabilities. Although there are many technical elements to the story, romance in a digital world is a central theme and no technical knowledge is required to play — just the attention to important clues.

Much of the game takes place through messages. The player does not actively need to type these, replies are composed automatically and you can only guess at the content of the messages that are sent out based on other people’s answers. The Amie Workbench comes with a basic interface with a program to play music. Other ones are added later and all of them are accessed through the desktop.

The publisher’s website says it can guarantee at least ONE of the following as a real feature to the game:
• Discover a vast conspiracy lurking on teh internet!
• Save the world by exploiting a buffer overflow!
• Get away with telephone fraud!
• Hack the Gibson! (Whatever that is)

Which one? Perhaps each one is a possible outcome of playing the game. You’ll just have to dial in and see. Digital: a Love Story is available as a free download for all major computing platforms. Have fun!!

Publisher: Christine Love

Developer: Christine Love

Release Date: February, 2010

Players: Single Player


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