Genre(s): Adventure/Point and Click

3rd Party Rating: None found.

Price: Free


Automation is a FREE point & click adventure game, made in Adventure Game Studio. You control a guy who had an accident and lost an experiment (a droid) on the floor below. The aim is to get it back in one piece by solving puzzles. Solid, well written material with the occasional pixel hunt involved.

It was created in 2006 for an Adventure Games’ “One Room One Week” competition where it won several awards for the developer.

The story and gameplay takes place in the top half of the screen where a scientist has created a robot. As he is about to place the mechanoid in its containment chamber, it “escapes” and without ever having to directly interact with it, you have to coax it across the length of the level, into a new chamber and back to safety. At least that’s the goal.

The game is short, but keeps to the point. There are no extraneous side quests to waste time on and there aren’t even any secondary characters to be sidetracked by. The handful of puzzles are, for the most part, highly intuitive and will take no more than a few moments of thought to power through.

It’s a very cute game and in the short amount of time it will take you to play, you’ll get to know the character(s) just enough to wish success upon him and his claw-hand-thing. With excellent pixel-graphics and suitable sound effects, the game delivers on all sides of its concise and highly enjoyable package.

Publisher: Eric Feurstein

Developer: Eric Feurstein

Release Date: 2006

Players: Single Player


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