Apprentice II: The Knight’s Move

Genre(s): Adventure/Point and Click

Adventure Lantern Rating: 85 (out of 100)

Price: Free


Apprentice II: The Knight’s Move is a FREE ‘old school’ point and click adventure game. A sequel to the critically acclaimed Apprentice.

The second chapter in the Apprentice series begins where the original left off. You again play the part of Mortimer “Pib” Pibsworth, a would be magician’s apprentice in the magical land of Willowbean. As the story continues, the black horse of war looms over the land, with the ominous Lord Ironcrow at the reins. Because Pib’s apprenticeship makes him vulnerable to the military draft, attaining wizardhood becomes imperative.

Due to the growing power of its ruler, the evil knight Lord Ironclaw (and a chess match), Willowbean now finds itself in a state of war and its leader is recruiting fresh soldiers for his army.

Pib, protected by the crude negotiation skills of his master, eludes the drafting. As Pib’s current occupation as an apprentice had some technical faults, thus subjecting him to the military draft, attaining wizard-hood appears to be the next logical resort. Finally has the chance to end his apprenticeship if he can complete the 3 tasks given to him by his master:

• Exterminating the rats from the bakery, since it’s inhibiting the master wizard to lavish in his favorite sandwiches;
• Win money at the annual centaur races and;
• Create a magical golem from the 4 elements

Completing these tasks of course involve a series of solving puzzles and side quests, through obtaining items and interaction with the people of Willowbean.

From ocean diving to winning at the races, this adventure explores the land of Willowbean that lies beyond the Wizard’s hill. New characters range from the Book Wyrm, a dragon-like being with a taste for literature, to Seacookie, the puniest contender at the centaur races.

• Improved GUI, right-click action cycle
• Over twice as many playable locations as the original game
• Roughly 50 pages of in-game dialogue
• Over 25 minutes of in-game mp3 music
• Nearly 2000 frames of animation
• Yet another secret bonus puzzle
• HTML documentation

Publisher: Herculean Effort Productions

Developer: Herculean Effort Productions

Release Date: July 29, 2004

Players: Single Player


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