Genre(s): Action/FPS,
MMO/team-based tactical combat

IGN Community Rating: 9.2 (out of 10)

Price: Free

Link(s): http://www.warsow.net/



Warsow is a FREE (PC, Mac, Linux) Quake 3 Arena-style first-person-shooter with an emphasis on speed and movement. Players can dash, dodge and wall-jump, and perform the era-standard rocket and strafe-jumps in this fast-action shooter.

Seven years after the first alpha build of Warsow was released, the cel-shaded cyberpunk twitch FPS reached the version 1.0 milestone (Currently at version 1.2 as of this writing). The first stable version streamlined the game by removing the previous strong/weak ammo system, and instead delivered responsive and smooth competition combat. Despite a tricky skillset to master, and a terrifyingly competent community to battle against, the barrier to entry is low. Just get on a server and start fragging.

The very competitive gameplay of Warsow focuses heavily on movement and trickjumps. Many of the tricks in Warsow originate from the Quake series, including circle-jumping, bunny hopping, strafe-jumping, double-jumping, ramp-sliding, and rocket-jumping, but Warsow also gives players the ability to dash, dodge or wall jump, tricks that were originally possible in the Unreal series. It uses a separate button for most of the special movements, making it easier to use them while doing other things at the same time. The various movement tricks combine to add an extra dimension to the gameplay; as the player’s proficiency at moving increases, they are able to collect health, armor and weapons more quickly, and to overpower less capable enemies. The variety and flexibility of the physics has spawned an entire community dedicated to competing on the various race maps that the game offers.

Publisher: Chasseur De Bots

Developer: Warsow team

Release Date: October 14, 2012

Players: Single Player, Multiplayer


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