Volvo – The Game

Genre(s): Action/Racing, Simulation/Racing

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Price: FREE


Volvo – The Game is a FREE racing simulation game designed to give players the chance to experience a souped-up Volvo race car in all it’s glory. Advertising wrapped up as a game? Perhaps, but it’s a darn good game irregardless of it motive to advertise Volvo. Ever wanted to get behind the wheel of a Volvo S60 Concept race car? Well, this might just be your best chance. Volvo – The Game includes six cars from Volvo and two race tracks. Cars include the Volvo C30, S60, S40, 850 and the 240 Turbo Group A. The race tracks are the Gothenburg Eco Drive Arena and Chayaka.

Designed by renown racing sim designer SimBin, this game features a variety of racing vehicles from automobile maker Volvo. Players will be able to choose between five legendary Volvo models. Included are the Volvo C30 (which is competing in this year’s STCC,) the STCC Volvo S60 (which participated in previous year’s STCC,) the Volvo S40 (a participant of the BTCC,) the Volvo 850 (the estate car that became a legend in the BTCC,) and finally a true racing classic, the Volvo 240 Turbo Group A. Also in the line-up is the new Volvo S60 Concept.

There is a choice of two tracks: Gothenburg Eco Drive Arena in Göteborg, Sweden, and Chayaka outside Kiev in the Ukraine. Volvo — The Game is the only virtual racing game in the world to include the Ukrainian track. The game offers a choice of skill levels: “novice with all the driver assistance technology activated such as ABS brakes, “semi-pro”, and finally “pro” where there is no assistance whatsoever.

It appears that there was once a multiplayer offering of “Global Competition”. It’s a bit unclear as to if that feature is still available through the game.

Publisher: SimBin Development Team

Developer: SimBin Development Team

Release Date: May 26, 2009

Players: Single Player and Multiplayer (possibly/limited)

ERSB: N/A. Likely E (Everyone)

Sample Gameplay Videos:


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