The Dark Mod

Genre(s): Action/First-Person Shooter (Sneaker),
Adventure/Action Adventure

HubPages Rating: 8.6 (out of 10)

Price: Free


The Dark Mod is a FREE (and now stand-alone), first-person stealth game inspired by the original Thief series by Looking Glass Studios. In it you play a hooded figure slinking through the shadows of a gothic steampunk city, hunting priceless valuables while avoiding the swords and arrows of those hired to stop you.

The Dark Mod received PC Gamer magazine’s “Game of the Year” award for “Best Mod” in 2013.

Originally created as a mod for Doom3, it is now a completely open-source, standalone game that can be both played and used as a toolkit to create new levels (fan missions).

Players of Looking Glass’s original two Thief games will be instantly at home in these steampunk cities. It’s not just the reappearance of Garrett’s blackjack and eclectic arrow collection: The Dark Mod also uses the same stealth indicator and inventory display. The controls and general mission structure have also been copied. Missions can offer special or optional objectives, but your primary goal is to test the home insurance policies of the rich and famous in an alternate-history Victorian era.

The mod’s creators haven’t entirely pilfered from Thief. It looks better, thanks to the id Tech 4 engine, and the crucial systems such as lockpicking have also been overhauled.

The Dark Mod spins its own fiction, but Thief players will quickly pick up on the similarities. While there isn’t an Order of the Hammer, for instance, you will encounter the Builders; a technocratic religious faction whose insignia is a hammer. The parallels aren’t subtle. There’s no central campaign or plot escalation, and each mission is a standalone job: its relation to the overarching lore is determined entirely by the modder who made it.

The basic download comes with the tutorial and a single showcase mission. You can get more from the in-game installer. A few stand-out missions that are a must-try are “Requiem”, “In the North”, “Return to the City”, and “A Score to Settle”.

If you like stealth games, this game is it! Have fun you Taffer!

Publisher: Broken Glass Studios

Developer: Various/The Dark Mod Team

Release Date: October 2009 (Original release)
October 2013 (2.0 Stand-alone version)

Players: Single Player

ERSB: N/A. Not rated.

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