Super Tux Kart

Genre(s): Action/Racing,

3rd Party Rating: None found.

Price: Free



SuperTuxKart is a 3d kart racing game and essentially a clone of Super Mario Kart. You can play with up to four friends on one PC racing against each other, or beat the computer. Race under water or in space, watching the stars passing by. You can do a single race against other karts, compete in one of several Grand Prix, try to beat the high score in time trials on your own, and play battle mode against your friends.

A great game for kids or anyone else that might enjoy a kart style racing game.

Full Circle Magazine named SuperTuxKart as one of the top five racing games available for Linux, describing it as the game to try if you’re “tired of realistic driving”. Linux Journal also praised the game, saying that “the courses in SuperTuxKart are fun, colorful and imaginative” and that “If you’ve played the original, you’ll be impressed by the new, hugely improved, SuperTuxKart.”

Publisher: Joerg and Auria

Developer: Game of the Month team, Joerg Henrichs, Marianne Gagnon and Constantin Pelikan

Release Date: July 15, 2011

Players: Single Player, Multiplayer

ERSB: N/A, but likely “E” for Everyone.

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