Sonic: After the Sequel

Genre(s): Action/Platform,

Games Reviews Rating: 7.5 (out of 10)

Price: Free


Sonic: After the Sequel is a FREE platform game. It is an unofficial work based on the Sonic the Hedgehog series’ canon and set between the official games Sonic 2 and Sonic 3.

It lets you play as Sonic or Tails through a selection of new levels that tell of how the Death Egg came to crash land on Angel Island. Despite some occasional bugs and the slightly awkward acceleration of Sonic, it’s a well-designed tribute. A Sonic 2 prequel is also available, aptly called Sonic Before the Sequel

Both characters can move left and right with the arrow keys and jump with the “Z” key; Tails can also fly to reach areas Sonic cannot. The game takes place in seven levels, known as zones, each divided into three acts followed by a boss fight with Doctor Eggman. These zones are designed for fast-paced gameplay, featuring typical Sonic obstacles such as bottomless pits and vertical loops. The zones are based on various themes, including haunted houses, cities, magma caverns, winter theme parks, and sugar processing plants.

The player collects rings in zones and boss fights as a form of health: upon being hit by an enemy or harmful obstacle, the player’s rings will scatter and can be recollected. Being hit while carrying no rings, being crushed by an obstacle, or falling into a bottomless pit causes the player to lose a life; running out of lives results in a game over screen, after which the player must restart the zone from act one. Conversely, collecting 100 rings gets the player an extra life, and completing an act with 50 takes the player to a special stage, where they can collect rings for extra lives. The game also features power-ups throughout its zones, which are activated with the “X” key: these include typical Sonic power-ups such as shields and extra lives, as well as new ones. The “Beam” power-up for Sonic and the “Mirror” power-up for Tails are borrowed from the Kirby series and are credited to Nintendo as such.

Publisher: Lake Freperd

Developer: Lake Freperd/Felipe Daneluz

Release Date: June 15, 2013

Players: Single Player


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