SCP Containment Breach

Genre(s): Action/Survival Horror

Jayisgames Rating: 4.6 (out of 5)

Price: Free


SCP Containment Breach is a FREE first-person, survival horror game based on the entries of the SCP Foundation Wiki. You are cast as a Class-D grunt (D-9341), who along with a few other poor saps, are working with SCP-173, an animate and highly aggressive construct that can only move when not in a direct line of sight. This animate concrete sculpture kills all living things on sight, moving toward its victims at a speed of several feet in one blink of an eye and snapping their necks with irresistible strength and lethal precision. Fortunately, SCP-173 has one key weakness: it is frozen in place as long as someone is looking at it.

Things get a lot worse when the facility suddenly comes under attack by an unknown enemy and the lights go out… and the locks open. Suddenly you are alone in the dark and pursued through the maze-like complex by SCP-173 and other creatures.

The main objective is to guide yourself through the facility while trying to survive any hazards you come across. The game’s main feature is the blinking mechanic.

Blinking is a basic mechanic that is measured by the blink bar in the HUD. It is important to keep in mind when encountering SCP-173, a statue that moves at high speeds whenever none are watching it, as with each blink SCP-173 will move closer to the player. The player can blink manually by pressing the spacebar and can also shut their eyes for an extended period of time by holding down the spacebar. This can prove to be useful if encountering SCP-096, a humanoid creature that will chase and kill the player if they view its face.

Decontamination gas appears throughout the game, and also causes the player to blink at a faster rate due to irritation of the eyes. The player should wear a gas mask in order to keep their eyes from burning. While the effects of the gas will wear off, SCP-173 tends to spawn in places where this gas appears.

D-9341 can sprint, crouch, as well as carry an inventory of up to 10 items.

One of the game’s primary features is randomly generated rooms. The facility is divided into three areas: the Light Containment, Heavy Containment, and Entrance zones. Each of these areas contain their own specific randomly generated rooms with each zone being separated by a checkpoint area. The player starts off in the Light Containment zone which is used to hold SCPs that pose little threat, and that can be contained easily. The Heavy Containment zone is used to contain SCPs that can pose a much larger threat, and as a result, its pathways are made up of tunnels. The Entrance zone is the highest level of the facility. It’s mainly composed of offices and contains all of the exits to the facility.

Along the way, the player can find a wide variety of items. These include a gas mask which can protect your eyes from gas, batteries which can be used to power specific electronics found throughout the facility, keycards ranging from access levels 1 to 5 that can open higher security doors, first aid kits which can heal wounds, an S-Navigator which can be used to navigate the rooms in the facility, a radio that can pick up transmissions on different channels, eyedrops which can slow down your blink timer, and many more.

Publisher: SCPCB IndieDB dev group

Developer: Joonas Rikkonen

Release Date: April 5, 2012

Players: Single Player

ERSB: N/A, but likely “M” due to it’s psychological horror environment.

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