MechCommander Gold

Genre(s): Action/3rd-person, Strategy/RTS, RPG/Single & Multiplayer RPG

Gamespot Rating: 7.5 (out of 10)

Price: Free


Description: The original MechCommander was released in 1998. It had an expansion which was later combined with the original title and released as MechCommander Gold. The sequel to these first two games is called MechCommander 2. All three games have been released for FREE by Microsoft.

In MechCommander Gold, you are a MechCommander and your job is to think fast and be quick on the guns. Recently, the success of Operation Bulldog has created great relief for your efforts. The Smoke Jaguar clan was forced to scatter and disperse. Although, a Colonel Marcus Kotare did not take so kindly to being driven away and losing the fight. He has taken control of the planet Cermak, but the reason for this is unknown. You are to infiltrate the planet and find out what he is up to.

Publisher: MicroProse

Developer: FASA Studio

Release Date: Aug 31, 1999

Players: 1-6

ERSB: T (Teen)

Sample Gameplay Video:

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