Inside My Radio

Genre(s): Casual/Music & Dancing,

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Price: Free


Inside My Radio is another excellent FREE game from the Ludum Dare competition where developers create a new game in a single weekend. It’s a platformer where you can only jump, dash, or pound in time with the rhythm of the background music. At first, this can make it feel unresponsive-until you realize that it’s not the game that’s at fault but your own ability to keep to the beat.

Lulls in the soundtrack indicate the gaps between stages, and the difficulty level ramps up quickly. The music element affects traditional platformer mechanics in interesting ways: certain platforms or obstacles appear and reappear at intervals in the soundtrack, so timing your own moves against their rhythm is necessary to progress.

There’s not much in the way of animation. Your character is a cube wearing headphones-but the backdrops are detailed and there’s a little of Audiosurf’s neon cool to the whole package. All-in-all very impressive for a game that was produced in a very short amount of time.

You could say that Inside My Radio is a game that thinks completely outside of the box, since behind its platformer looks lies an astute and demanding mix of music and skill. A small green boombox with headphones is the main character, one that could easily be a recognizable mascot for any brand. The purpose of the game is to take this character across some psychedelic stages, but the twist is that he can only jump and dash in sync with the music beat. A clever touch is that every one of our move results in a sound effect that adds to the soundtrack.

So, the trick is to let the music inside our heads – something that is really easy, since the beat is incredibly addictive – and jump at the right time. It can get very demanding, because it’s not only jumping across platforms. Some of them disappear after a few seconds (take note of the rhythm) and wall jumping is one of the most demanding tasks in the game. Although our green block may die in the many lasers and stuff, the creators were kind enough to provide us with infinite continues and only a few seconds before any dangerous setpiece.

Although the beautiful 2D graphics run originally at full-screen 800×600 resolution, it’s possible to edit the file zik.ini to change this setting.

Publisher: TurboDindon (indie)

Developer: Vincent Filipiak, Joachim Neuville, Baptiste Martin & Jerome Fait

Release Date: April 23, 2012

Players: Single Player


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