Mech Commander

Genre(s): Action/3rd-person,
Action/Tactical Action

Gamespot Rating: 7.3 (out of 10)

Price: Free


Description: MechCommander is a real-time action strategy game of tactical combat and resource management set in the stunningly detailed BattleTech® universe. The player assumes the role of a MechCommander, in command of a growing unit of MechWarriors® and their assigned ‘Mechs®.

The goal is to retake the planet Port Arthur from the technologically superior Smoke Jaguar Clan. Players manage supplies, repair, upgrade, and organize the entire ‘Mech unit. The user interface can be customized offering the player limitless command options, allowing for a unique view into the BattleTech universe.

Up to 24 ‘Mechs are involved in combat during 30 in-depth missions. Players select from 18 different chassis and custom armament.

The player assumes the role of the commander of Zulu company from the Federated Commonwealth’s First Davion Guards, a member of the Inner Sphere (IS). The planet Port Arthur must be taken back from the Clan Smoke Jaguar. The game’s campaign progresses through 30 different missions broken into 5 operations with 6 missions apiece. Each mission consists of a number of objectives which may include destroying enemy units, capturing or defending enemy units, protecting friendly units, and capturing and defending bases. Some missions must be completed within a certain time limit.

In each mission, the player controls a limited number of units which are either mechs or support vehicles. Each mission restricts both the combined tonnage and the number of units allowed. Briefings are supplied prior to the start of the mission which lists the objectives and other relevant information. A wide range of strategies and tactics may be used on any given mission, and the player can customize his or her forces for each one.

In between missions the player can repair and refit mechs, assign mechwarriors to each mech and purchase mechs, vehicles, mechwarriors, and components. These items are purchased with Resource Points which are awarded for completing previous mission objectives. Few mechs, vehicles, mech pilots, and components can be purchased at the beginning of the campaign, but more become available as the game progresses. However, only IS technology can be purchased. Clan technology such as weaponry and new mechs must be salvaged from the battlefield. Salvaging equipment is an important feature of the game.

Each mech is piloted by a mechwarrior. Pilots increase in skill as they use them during missions. The more missions and kills a particular pilot has, the more experienced and valuable he or she becomes. If a pilot gains enough experience, he or she will increase in rank. The four ranks from least to greatest are “green,” “regular,” “veteran,” and “elite.” Rank determines how effective a pilot is in a certain class of mechs (light, medium, heavy, or assault).

Publisher: Microprose

Developer: FASA Studio

Release Date: May 31, 1998

Players: 1-6

ERSB: N/A. Not rated.

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