Dream of the Blood Moon

Genre(s): Action/Survival Horror

3rd Party Rating: None found.

Price: Free

Link(s): http://www.dream-of-the-bloodmoon.com/

Dream of the Blood Moon is a FREE first-person survival horror game in the style of Slender.

The premise of Dream of the Blood Moon is you wander around a spooky forest (which is actually part of a dreamscape), with no map or compass, collecting items while being stalked by a supernatural being. You are looking for tears in Blood Moon, representing the regrets of the game’s wronged, female spectral antagonist.

The tears aren’t just lying around, either. All but one of them will require you to solve some kind of puzzle to acquire. Every time you fail a puzzle, or are caught by the roaming spirit, you awaken briefly, and the dream grows darker and more frightening when you shut your eyes again. Fail three times and… well…wait and see.

“Six tears, six regrets – five to solve and one misplaced – bring them to my tree.”

Publisher: TheUnbeholden

Developer: TheUnbeholden

Release Date: August 10, 2012

Players: Single Player

ERSB: N/A, but likely “M” due to it’s scary environment.

Sample Gameplay Video(s):

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