Genre(s): Action/Platform,
Casual/Arcade & Pinball

3rd Party Rating: None found.

Price: Free


Chalk is a unique action game by Joakim Sandberg which places emphasis on drawing to solve problems that the player will face in each of the six levels.

The right mouse button controls movement, while the left is used to draw lines. Only one line of a certain length can be on screen at any time, determined by a gauge shown at the top of the window display.

Geometric shapes can be removed by drawing lines across each of the green dots on them. Enemies are destroyed by drawing a line from a purple bullet to a ship. Blue shapes can be picked up and thrown around.

Beating all six levels with A ratings unlocks the endurance challenge.

This polished and nifty little shooter has a unique control scheme that separates it from its peers. Using the mouse, players have to draw a line of chalk to both defend themselves and attack foes as they progress through the levels. This leads to gameplay that feels like a smooth blend between a puzzle game and a traditional shooter.

Publisher: None; Independent Game.

Developer: Joakim Sandberg

Release Date: May 2007

Players: Single Player

ERSB: N/A, but likely ā€œEā€ Everyone.

Sample Gameplay Video(s):


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