Genre(s): Action/Survival Horror,
Adventure/Action Adventure

3rd Party Rating: None found.

Price: Free



Ascension is a FREE creepy, side-scroller that is best played in the dark with headphones.

Ascension is a psychological horror game where you play as Atticus, a grounds keeper who has brought his sick daughter to work on the day of a horrible accident. Separated from her, you must find your way back before something else reaches her first.

Atticus miserably goes about his day job in a strange underground office complex when the lights go out. Unfortunately for Atticus, this was also the day he chose to bring his sick daughter with him—he should probably go back and find her. Oh, he’s also hallucinating seemingly traumatic events from his home life.

Light plays an important role. You make your way through the side-scrolling corridors with a constantly depleting flashlight, scavenging through filing cabinets fro batteries. You have to use it sparingly, not least because enemies are attracted by light. Hear one, and you have to hold your breath to reduce the chance of detection, in the hope that they’ll pass by.

Publisher: Magnesium Ninja Studios

Developer: Klassic

Release Date: October 31, 2012

Players: Single Player


Sample Gameplay Video(s):

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