Arma 2: Free

Genre(s): Action/FPS,

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Price: Free



Arma 2: Free is a free-to-play battlefield simulation/tactical shooter game with high fidelity and emergence gameplay. If ultra-realism and lifelike battles are your style, you won’t find a better deal than Arma 2: Free

ARMA 2 is a tactical shooter focused primarily on infantry combat, however it also features significant vehicular and aerial combat elements. The player is able to command AI squad members which adds a real-time strategy element to the game. This is further enhanced by introduction of the high command system, which allows the player to command multiple squads using the map. ARMA 2 is set primarily in the fictional Eastern European nation of Chernarus, (meaning “Black Russia”). The Chernarus landscape is based heavily on the Czech Republic, the home country of the developer.

This limited offering of the larger Arma 2 game offers the entire multiplayer portion of the game (single player campaign has been taken out) without high-definition graphics or the ability to install community mods. This is your chance to give methodical combat a go at a cheapskate gamer price.

Publisher: IDEA Games

Developer: Bohemia Interactive Studio

Release Date: June 26, 2009

Players: Massively multiplayer online

ERSB: “M” for mature.

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