America’s Army

Genre(s): Action/1st-Person Shooter, Tactical Action, Online Multiplayer, Simulation/Combat.

IGN Rating: 8.4 (out of 10)

Price: Free


Description: Experience the life of a soldier in the U.S. army, without having to suffer bad haircuts, commissary meals, and the possibility of death. America’s Army is an online game that lets you simulate the life of a soldier from recruit to Sargent. You construct your virtual soldier’s personality and interact with others who have done likewise. The game takes place in a 3D Multiplayer environment.

The player is cast into the role of an ordinary American soldier. They must begin the game in offline mode, undergoing several trainings: rifle marksmanship, an obstacle course, US weapons training, and training for military operations in urban terrain. After completing the trainings, participation in the actual game is available, which is played online. Players join the United States army and fight against OpFor, a fictional “opposing force” enemy army. The game relies heavily on teamwork, in Counter-Strike fashion, and strives to achieve a high degree of realism in its depiction of battles and weapons you can use.

Players are bound by Rules of Engagement (ROE) and grow in experience as they navigate challenges in teamwork-based, multiplayer, force versus force operations. In the game, as in the Army, accomplishing missions requires a team effort and adherence to the seven Army Core Values. Through its emphasis on team play, the game demonstrates these values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage and makes them integral to success in America’s Army.

Publisher: U.S. Army

Developer: U.S. Army

Release Date: July 4, 2002

Players: Online multiplayer

ERSB: T (Teen); Blood, Violence

Sample Gameplay Video:

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