A Flipping Good Time

Genre(s): Action/Platform

3rd Party Rating: None found.

Price: Free

Link(s): https://www.digipen.edu/?id=1170&proj=24624

A Flipping Good Time is a FREE fast-paced free-flowing 2D platformer developed by students from Digipen Institute of Technology. An official PAX 10 2011 selection.

Flip and fly through an expansive underground world using the fluid nature of gravity to avoid the hazardous terrain. With challenging obstacles, exhilarating mine cart rides, an immersive environment, rewarding collectibles, and entertaining levels with unlockable bonus levels, A Flipping Good Time is just that: A Flipping Good Time.

Publisher: Digipen Institute of Technology

Developer: Kenneth Lombardi, Ryan Davison, Mark McKenna, Richard Weschler, Stephen Fogg, Gabriel Smith-Dalrymple, Amalachi Cushman, Tyler Woods & Emmanual Sirak Geberegeorgis

Release Date: 2010-2011 school year

Players: Single Player


Sample Gameplay Video(s):

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