Q: What about mods? Why don’t you list any of the awesome FREE mods on your site (Eg: “Golden Eye Source” for Half Life 2)?
While game mods are definitely a great way to be a Cheapskate gamer, we’ve decided to focus our listings to stand-alone PC games. There are certainly plenty of excellent mods out there in the wild, but because of the fact that there are so many available and that most mods require a purchase of a retail game (at full price) we’ve decided to limit our coverage to the source games only. Please visit our “Links” page and/or special articles that will highlight specifics mods as well as sites that we feel do a good job of organizing and promoting quality game mods.

Q: What about FREE game demos?
Again, this collection would be too vast to try and list on our site. We want quality FULL PC games offered for free or ultra-cheap.

Q: I have a Mac. Why don’t you list Cheapskate Mac games?
We love the Mac, but most computer gaming is currently found on the PC, therefore our focus lies with Windows/PC compatible games. However, many of the games listed on our site do offer a Mac and/or Linux-compatible versions of their game. You’ll have to simply click on the download link to see if it’s offered. If interest in Mac gaming increases and our blog-site continues to be popular we may add a Mac section in the future.

Q: What about Cheapskate Linux games?
See answer above. While our site focuses on the Windows platform, many of the games listed are also compatible on Linux. You’ll just have to dig a bit deeper on each game to find out if it will work with Linux.

Q: OK, so I downloaded game “X”, but it won’t work on my system. Can you help me?
We cannot offer any direct support for any game listed on this site. If you need to troubleshoot a problem with a game, we suggest you visit the developer’s or publisher’s website and/or the various game-specific forums on the web for help. Sometimes all this is needed is a patch. Also, be aware of any system requirements before you download and attempt to launch a game.

Q: What about the FREE Flash or web-based social games on the internet? Why don’t you list any of them?
A: While there are many excellent Flash and social-media based games out there to be played for free, trying to list them all would be beyond the intended scope of our site. Flash games are unique in many ways to PC gaming. We prefer to collect listings for full-scale PC games at this point in time. Ideally, games that are not completely server-side or browser-based such as Flash/social media games. See our “Links” page for URLs to sites we feel highlight a few of the great Flash games available. We may from time to time post an article about a Cheapskate Flash game we feel is worth playing.

Q: Hey! You missed listing game “X” on your site! What’s up? I love that FREE game!
A: While we strive to be a complete as we can, it is possible that we missed your favorite Cheapskate game on our site. Help us out by contacting us and we’ll consider your game. However, be aware that there are tons of crappy, half-baked, or deceptively-not-free games to be had. We avoid these games. Our goal is to list and write about the very best Cheapskate games available in the PC world. AAA games whether they be old or new are our targets.

Q: What makes a free game Cheapskate Gamer worthy?
A: To begin with it must be AAA quality whether old or new. It may look a bit dated now but it was cutting edge back in 1990 and still fun to play now. Free to download and free to play. If it’s an MMO there must be NO monthly subscription fee. Although it may offer a premium subscription for a fee. Microtransactions are OK as long as they aren’t required to complete the game.

Q: What price constitutes “ultra-cheap” relative to Cheapskate Gamer.com ?
A: Generally, a price of $10 or less for a AAA (top review/development quality) PC game is considered Cheapskate Gamer worthy. We’re interested in highlighting super-special sales from direct download sources as well as clearance sales at retail merchants or other sources. See our “Links” page for a listing of game download sites that we feel are good sources for quality Cheapskate games.

Q: There are lots of ways to get free AAA games on the web. Have your heard of Bit Torrent?
A: We support only legally free games. No warez or illegally downloadable games.

Q: I just bought game “X” at store “ABC” for $2! Why don’t you write about it on your site!
A: We just might, let us know the details. However, unless it’s a national sale on a top quality game available to all our readers, we might have to pass on it. Sometimes a $2 game is worth $2. We’ve all seen the CD on the Walmart bargain shelf proclaiming “1001 Tic-Tac-Toe Games”. That’s not the type of “game” we want to highlight or list for our readers. Bioshock 2 for $5 on gog.com this weekend only? Now we’re interested..

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