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Welcome to Cheapskate Gamer!

Our goal is to be the very best, one-stop, complete listing site for completely FREE and SUPER-CHEAP AAA PC Games. We’re not talking about Free cell, Minesweeper or Solitaire. Just quality, Triple A (AAA) games on the cheap.

If you’re like us and love PC Gaming but are too cheap or too broke to pay for it and don’t believe in piracy, this is the place to be. We are a wholly independent blog site and are not owned or operated by any gaming publisher, developer, or any other third-party company. We are not trying to sell you any games but simply hope to point you in the correct (legal) direction to obtain quality PC games for free or for dirt-cheap along with organized recommendations and information for each game listed.

There are plenty of sites that list free or cheap games, but few promote the very top quality of these games, are as well organized or as complete in their collection or listing as Cheapskate Gamer.

No warez. No cracks or hacks. No membership fees. No bull! Just great games at cheapskate prices along with stories and news that support the Cheapskate Gamer mentality. We respect and protect the copyrights and licenses associated with all games listed on this site.

Our site launched in 2011 is in a state of frantic build-up to populate and complete our listing service, so please check back often after initially looking around. Do you know of a great stand-alone PC game not listed? An upcoming free PC game in development? A killer game sale? A suggestion to help us become better? Feel free to comment on any post or simply use the Contact Us page to let us know..

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